I am Kate. I am the most vain and spoiled self-deprecating person you'll ever meet. If Jim Kirk and Grantaire ever had a child, it would likely be me. I apologize in advance for this blog.




courfeyrac in giant GIANT SWEATERS


Can I also add Combeferre catching on to the reason all his sweaters keep disappearing and as such he starts buying increasingly more ridiculous sweaters to see if that’ll put him off but it doesn’t and he isn’t made of money so eventually he has to sit Courfeyrac down in some ludicrous neon pink and yellow turtleneck (that Combeferre found cheap at a charity shop and hadn’t even worn yet) and explain that he doesn’t mind him borrowing his clothes but for the love of god can you bring them back I can’t go wandering around topless all day and Courfeyrac says he doesn’t see why not and Combeferre just drops his head to the tabletop like give me strength